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Beyond the plenary, semi-plenary and keynote invited speakers, the bulk of the scientific program consists of the attendees' contributions that are organized in the parallel sessions.

These contributions can take four forms:

  1. Mini-Symposium: the ISMP scientific committee of a specific stream may organize a series of sessions on a given "hot" topic. The program committee is bringing support to the scientific committee in this matter.
  2. Invited Session: the ISMP scientific committee  of each specific stream shall be co-opting personalities of the field to organize and to chair a full session of either 3 or 4 talks by inviting speakers on closely related topics.
  3. Invited presentation:  the invited session chair shall call on colleagues to contribute a talk on their session.
  4. Contributed presentation: beyond the above process, any attendee can submit a talk to the scientific committee of a specific stream in the form of a title and an abstract.

A submisison can tale the form of a 20 minute talk or a 30 minute talk. Please indicate your prefered format. However the final decison on the format is made by the scientific committee.



Submission process:

The abstract submission platform will be opened in January, 2018. Abstracts must be in plain text with absolutly no accent nor pontuation marks. The maximum abstract length is 80 words (approximately 800 characters).  Abstract titles should be 80 characters maximum. The list of authors should present the speaker as the first author. Our synthetic program can accomodate no more than 3 authors (including the speaker), hence the speaker must indicate the second and third author knowing that only these two will appear in the synthetic program. Further authors can be indicated but they shall only be included in the book of abstracts. A speaker can have only one presentation. Failing to comply with the above will mean that the talk shall excluded from the program. Moreover, the speaker should indicate his prefered format: 20 minutes for notes, 30 minutes for full papers. 

All talks, including invited presentations composing invited sessions and mini-symposia, must be recorded through the submission platform.



Invited presentation are refereed directly by the session chair before submission, while contributed presentations are referred by the scientific committee after they avec been submitted to the platform.

Submission are accepted if they meet the following criteria:

  1. The title and abstract should provide a well written and very clear statement of the research subject and the contribution of the work.
  2. The research content must be clearly within the scope of the conference. Both review paper and novel contributions are welcome.
  3. The study must be completed (the presentation of a research proposal does not normally qualify) and it must reflect quality work presenting a significant original contribution.


Note that:

  • If the speaker does to register to the conference by the early bird registration deadline which is April 30, 2018 the  submission is automatically cancelled.
  • Any member of the community wishing to propose an invited session may contact the scientific sub-committee of the related stream. However, each sub-committee shall be quite selective in building their invited program.
  • A given person may give no more than one presentation at the symposium.
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