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IMSP attracts between 1500 and 2000 scientists from all over the world. This trieannual symposium is a great opportunity to reach the best experts in mathematical optimization. 

General support 

Any entity linked to the community wishing to support the ISMP meeting can do so by making a financial donation to the global budget of the conference. Such donation will have a direct impact on the registration fees of the attendees, and more specifically on registration for doctoral students.

Any donation will be aknowledged in the list of sponsors. Any donation of 500 € upwards give acces to the prime donator status: it will be specifically aknowledged by reporting the logo of the prime donators on the web site (with a hyperlink to your website) and on the back cover of the conference program, as well as on some of the other graphic support of the conference. Prime donators have also access to booking a room over lunch time to organize a meeting or interviews.

Specific support

Any entity linked to the community can become an ISMP partner by sponsoring a specific event of the conference. Beyond the mediatic exposure of a general support, such partnership will be specifically acknoledged during the associated event.
The specific support opportunities are:
  • Notebooks (your logo on the Notebooks): booked by THE OPTIMIZATION FIRM
  • Conference Bags (your logo on the bags): booked by GAMS Development Corp
  • Special mini-symposium on the societal impact of mathematical optimization ("supported by..."  your logo):  booked by IBM research
  • Coffee break (your logo on the tables): 2.000 € per break (4 slots)
  • Conference program (your text on half a page on the back cover): 5 000 €
  • Welcome event on Sunday June 30 (your logo on the tables) : 5 000 € 
  • Farewell party on Friday July 6  (your logo on posters & acknowlegment ) : 10 000 € 
  • Web streaming of plenary and semy-plenary talks ("brought to you by" your logo on the video): 10 000 €
  • Conference dinner on Wednesday July 4 (your logo on posters & acknowlegment & 4th of July surprise) : 15 000 € 


Beyond the event they support, these entities will benefit from the same mediatic exposure as the general support prime donators. 


Any entity linked to the community wishing to have a stand to present an exhibition of its knowhow can select one of the following oppotunities:
  • Standard Exhibit (1 000 €) : 1 registration included  and a 2m2 stand (2 places remaining)
  • Large exhibit (4 000 €) : 2 registrations included  and a 6m2 stand in the hall-way around the courtyard of the University building by the sandwich stand attracting conference attendees at lunch (8 places are available)

Cour d'honneur Victoire

  • Prime  exhibit (8 000 €) : 4 registrations included  and a 6m2 stand in the Atrium of the University building by the coffee break stand and the registration desk (4 places are available) Atrium Victoire

Beyond their exhibition stand, these entities will benefit from the same mediatic exposure as the general support prime donators. 

One stand A was booked by GUROBI

One stand A was booked by SIAM


All the above will be assigned on a first come first served basis. So please contact us on if you wish to book some sponsorship or exhibit opportunities.

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