23rd International Symposium on Mathematical Programming
1-6 Jul 2018 Bordeaux (France)

Clusters and Streams

Cluster 1: Discrete Optimization and Integer Programming

  1. Integer Programming Theory (Polyhedral Study, Lattices, Extented Formulations...)
  2. Integer Programming Algorithms (Branch-and-cut, Reformulations and Decomposition, ...)
  3. Mixed Integer Non-linear Programming
  4. Complexity, Approximation and Online Algorithms
  5. Combinatorial Optimization and Graph Theory
  6. Constraint Programming


Cluster 2: Optimization under Uncertainty

  1. Stochastic Optimization
  2. Robust Optimization
  3. Dynamic Programming and Markov Decision Processes
  4. Game theory, Bi-level and Mutli-Objective Optimization
  5. Simulation-based Optimization


Cluster 3: Continuous Optimization

  1. Nonlinear Optimization
  2. Global Optimization
  3. Nonsmooth Convex Optimization and Derivative-free Optimization
  4. Conic Programming, Quadratic Programming and Semi-definite Programming
  5. Variational Inequalities and Analysis
  6. Random Methods for Continuous Optimization (Stochastic Gradient, …)
  7. Optimal Control, PDE Constrained Optimization, and Multi-level Multi-grid Methods


Cluster 4: Problem Specific Models, Algorithm Implementations, and Software

  1. Machine Learning, Big Data, Cloud Computing, and Huge-Scale Optimization
  2. Network Flow, Network Design, and Applications in Telecom and Traffic Management
  3. Packing, Logistics, Location, and Routing
  4. Sheduling and Planning in Manufacturing Systems and Healthcare
  5. Environmental Issues  and Energy Systems
  6. Optimization in Sciences, Computational Biology, Societal Issues, Finance, and Economics
  7. Grid and Cloud Computing and Huge-Scale Optimization
  8. Math Programming Algorithm Implementations, Parallel Computing, and Software


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