23rd International Symposium on Mathematical Programming
1-6 Jul 2018 Bordeaux (France)


The committees are piloting the organization of the scientific program, the planning of the schedule and other events of the symposium.


Program Committee

The program committee is in charge of inviting plenary, semi-plenary, and keynote speakers. They are acting as AE for the refereeing of the papers associated to plenary and semi-plenary talks that shall be edited in a special issue of Mathematical Programming B. The program committee chair acts as guess editor for this special MPB issue.

The program committee consists of the co-chair of the conference clusters. As cluster co-chair, each program committee member looks over the coordination between the streams of their cluster, advising on defining compatible streams' planning. Cluster chairs are also in charge of organizing keynote invited talks for their cluster.

The members are:

  • Chair:
    • Michael Juenger, Prof, University of Cologne, Germany
  •  For Cluster 1: Discrete Optimization and Integer Programming
    • Dan Bienstock, Prof, Columbia University, USA
    • Gerard Cornuéjols, Pro, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
    • Michel Goemans, Prof, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
  • For Cluster 2: Optimization under Uncertainty
    • Laurent El Ghaoui, Prof, UC Berkeley, USA
    • Simge Küçükyavuz, Ass Prof, Ohio State University, USA
    • Daniel Kuhn, Prof, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausane, Switzerland
  • For Cluster 3:  Continuous Optimization
    • Frank Curtis, Ass Prof, Lehigh University, USA
    • Claudia Sagastizabal, Researcher, IMPA (Mathematical sciences research institute), Brasil
    • Stephen Wright, Prof, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
  • For Cluster 4: Problem Specific Models, Algorithm Implementations, and Software
    • Michael Ferris, prof, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
    • Martine Labbé, Prof, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium
    • Stefan Wild, Researcher, Argonne, USA
  • Representing the Organization Committee
    • Francois Vanderbeck, Prof, U. Bordeaux & Inria team Realopt (Vice Chair)
    • Francois Clautiaux, Prof, U. Bordeaux & Inria team Realopt


Scientific Committee

The scientific committee members are acting as referees of the invited and contributed talk abstracts that are submitted to their stream. They also contribute to building the schedule of the parallel sessions : they are in charge of defining sessions (some with 3 talks others with 4) on the web platform, of inviting talks or sessions into their stream, and of validating the system built overall schedule. In these tasks, each stream committee shall be asssisted by a local committee member (selected for his/her thematic proximity), who shall specifically look over the global planning to the stream's sessions over the week. The scientific committee consists of the co-chairs of the conference streams :

Composition to be announced.

Prize Award Committees


Composition to be announced.

Local Committee

The role of the local committee is to make the link between the sientific and the logistic organization of the conference. The local committee is in charge of finalising the planning of the scientific program : they setup the parallel sessions  planning (scheduling the sessions that have been built by the scientific committee of each stream), and they schedule the (semi-)plenaries and keynotes in coordonation with the program comittee. The local committee is composed of the researchers in the field of Mathematical Optimization of Inria Bordeaux (and associated), the Mathematics Institute (IMB) and the Computer Science Lab (LABRI), along some colleagues of the French community who are helping to have a broader panel of expertise.

The members are:

  1. Samir Adly, Prof, U. of Limoges
  2. Jean-Francois Aujol, Prof., U. of Bordeaux
  3. Claudia d’Ambrosio, Researcher, CNRS & Polytechnique Paris
  4. Olivier Beaumont, Senior Researcher, Inria Bordeaux - team Realopt
  5. Luce Brotecorne, Researcher, Inria Lille - team INOCS
  6. François Clautiaux, Prof., U. of Bordeaux & Inria team Realopt  (Co-chair)
  7. Sonia Cafieri, Prof., ENAC, U. Toulouse
  8. Boris Detienne, Assist. Prof., U. of Bordeaux & Inria team Realopt
  9. François Dufour, Prof., INP Bordeaux & Inria team CQFD
  10. Sourour Elloumi, Prof, Ensta Paris Tech, U. Paris-Saclay
  11. Lionel Eyraud-Dubois, Researcher, Inria Bordeaux - team Realopt
  12. Bernard Fortz, Prof, Université Libre de Bruxelles
  13. Serge Gratton, Prof., ENSEEIHT, INP Toulouse
  14. Jean-Baptiste Hiriart-Urruty, Prof., U. of Toulouse
  15. Jean-Bernard Lasserre, Senior Researcher, CNRS Toulouse
  16. Ivana Ljubic, Prof, ESSEC Business School of Paris
  17. Ridha Majhoub, Prof., U. Dauphine Paris
  18. Jérôme Malick, Senior Researcher, Inria Grenoble
  19. Arnaud Pêcher, Prof., U. of Bordeaux & Inria team Realopt
  20. Pierre Pesneau, Assist. Prof., U. of Bordeaux & Inria team Realopt
  21. Michael Poss, Researcher, CNRS Marseille, associated to Inria team Realopt
  22. Eduardo Uchoa, Prof., UFF Brazil, associated to Inria team Realopt
  23. Frédéric Roupin, Prof., U. Paris 13
  24. Ruslan Sadykov, Researcher, Inria Bordeaux - team Realopt
  25. Andras Sebo, Prof., U. of Grenoble
  26. Gautier Stauffer, Prof., U. of Grenoble, associated to Inria  team Realopt
  27. Francois Vanderbeck, Prof., U. Bordeaux & Inria team Realopt (Chair)


Organization Committee

 The organization committee is in charge of the logistic of the conference. The members are:

  • Séverine Valerius & Laurence Chevillot, Inria Bordeaux, Inria Bordeaux (Communication)
  • Marie Henault & Sabine Raposo, University congress support team (Location and Accomodation)
  • Isabelle Voirin & Nathalie Garcia, Adera support (PCO, Registration, and accounts)
  • Francois Clautiaux, Prof., University of Bordeaux (Co-chair)
  • Francois Vanderbeck, Prof., University of Bordeaux (Chair)





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