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  • By plane

Bordeaux is connected to the major international cities through its Merignac-Airport located  15km away from the city center.

It takes about 50mn ro reach the conference venue by public transports: at the airport bus stop (“Aéroport Terminus”,) take the LIANES 1 bus in the direction of “Gare Saint Jean”, then exit at the stop “Victoire (A. Briand)”. Here is a link to get more details and schedules

  • By Train

With the High Speed Train (TGV), Bordeaux is just 2 hours away from Paris. Here is a link to book your train via the French National railways SNCF

The “Gare Saint Jean” Railway Station is located very closed to the city center and  8mn away from the conference venue by public transports.  At the station (arrêt de Montée), take the LIANES 1 bus, in the direction to the  « Aéroport », then exit at the stop “Victoire (Marne)”. Here is a link to get more details and to obtain schedules. 

Walking for the station to the conference venue takes about 20 miniutes.



Conference attendees shall received a plublic transportation pass, allowing them free access to the system for the 5 days of the conference.

A bike sharing system is available throughout the city. Provided you leave a security deposit using your credit card, borrowing a bicycle is free for any ride that does not exceed 30 minutes.

 Using a car in Bordeaux is not recommended: it is slower than any other transportation mean, and parking is a nightmare.


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