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  • Changes of room

Keynote Tuesday 11am:  "Asymptotic Lagrangian duality for nonsmooth optimization", move to DENIGES

Keynote Tuesday 11am:  ""Lower bounds on the size of linear programs", move to Broca

Keynote Thrusday 11am" Cutting Planes in the Extended Space" , move to Broca

  • Session swap in Stream Energy 

Session 26: Power Systems Models with Discrete Decision Variables, has moved to Friday 8:30


Session 177: Energy-aware planning and scheduling 1, has moved to Wednesday 8:30


  • Session swap in Stream DerFree 

Session 125: "Advances in DFO IV,  has moved to Friday 3:15


Session 496: Advances in DFO III,  has moved to Thrusday 5pm

  •  Talk move in stream NonSmooth  

Talk 377: Efficient Methods For Edge-weighted TV Models with Sphere Constraints, by Maryam Yashtini, has moved to Friday 4:15pm


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